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Walking shoes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

Walking shoes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

Walking Shoes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

There are so many brand of walking shoes that it is hard to know which one would be best for me! Brands like Hoka, Brooks, Saucony, Mizuno, Altra, On Running, New Balance and many more it is hard to know where to start when you are looking for walking shoes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

When looking for the right place to get your pair of walking shoes there are many big box stores in Cedar Rapids to get walking shoes like Famous Footwear or Kohls but we would recommend looking for a local option that takes the time to measure your feet and go above and beyond to make sure you are in the correct type of shoes. 

Fitness Sports in Cedar Rapids, Iowa goes above and beyond to make sure you are in the correct type of shoes. 

Fitness Sports Fitting Process

Fitness Sports will measure your length of your feet, the width of your feet and the height of your arch with Currex ArchMap. After getting all the correct measurements; Fitness Sports – Cedar Rapids will record your gait analysis. When checking your walking form it will help determine what type of shoes are correct for you based on your walking form. This is important to make sure the shoe you pick is the correct structure. 

After determining the right type of shoe you will try 4 to 5 top brands of shoes and figure out the correct walking shoes for your feet!

Walking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Now you have gotten the perfect Walking Shoes from Fitness Sports – Cedar Rapids! The next best thing to do is to start using your brand new walking shoes! Fitness Sports has group runs for you to be able to walk with a group of people. Check out our schedule for upcoming runs!

If you are going for a walk on your own; there are many great trails in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that are perfect for going on a walk. The city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has a long list of trails that are great option on their Trail Map. Another great resource to find trails to go walking in Cedar Rapids is using TrailLink. They proved up to date trail information in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for walking.

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