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Redline Pump and Run

Redline Pump and Run

7:00 – 8:00 am – Registration/Packet Pick Up
8:15 am – Benching Starts

9:00 am – Run Starts

14 and under

Athletes must run the 1 mile race after benching. Counted rep-bar must touch athlete’s chest and be fully extended, or a no count will be given.
Athletes must wear running shoes at weigh-in. There will be 7 lifting divisions.

  • Start lift with the bar in the extended position
  • Lift-off assistance will be provided if needed
  • The bar must touch the chest and be fully extended on each press or the rep will not count
  • Stopping during a press terminates the lift (you may stop in the lock-out position)
  • No bouncing bar off the chest
  • Shoulders and rear must stay in contact with the bench during the lift
  • Feet must remain in contact with the floor during the lift (no hooking bench support with feet/legs)
  • If necessary, plates may be placed under lifters feet
  • No belts, wraps, gloves or lifting suits
  • Bench weight will be rounded to the nearest five-pound increment (example-181-182 rounds down to 180, 182.5 rounds up to 185)
  • Weigh-in with running shoes, shorts, and shirt on
  • Race will start at 9:00 am

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