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Bunion Shoes

Bunion Shoes
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Bunion Shoes in Des Moines

Finding the correct shoes for bunions can be very tricky. But in Des Moines our Shoe Fitting process can take the stress out of finding the correct bunion shoes. 

What to look for with Bunion Shoes

  • Width: Do they give you plenty of space around the bunion? You want to make sure that there is no pushing or pressure on your forefoot that could cause discomfort as you wear the shoe longer or cause more feet problem in the future.
  • Arch support: Do you have enough arch support to relieve pressure in the front of the foot. We recommend Currex arch supports. These arch supports come in different arch heights to help you feel supportive all day long. Our Des Moines bunion shoe fitting experts can help you get the correct arch height. 
  • Cushing: Do you have enough impact reduction? Having enough impact reduction on your shoes allows your body to not put as much weight on your bunions and all your feet to feel better at the end of the day. 
Bunions are a difficult process that are hard to find the correct fitting shoes. Our Des Moines Bunion Shoes fitting experts are here to help you with any questions that you will have with getting the correct shoes for your bunions. 

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