New Balance Running, Walking & Cross Training Footwear

At Fitness Sports Ltd we will try to match the best shoe to each individual. By paying special attention to the runner's biomechanical needs as well as their purpose and wants we can usually fit most everyone in a style they are comfortable with.
Because of these indiviual needs no one company can provide us with the correct shoe for all of our customers. Therefore, we currently offer a full selection of shoes from many fine brand names.

M/W 990

M/W 1540

M/W 1080

M/W 940

M/W 840

M/W 880

M/W 860

M/W Vongo

M/w 1400

M/W More

M/W Beacon

M/W 928 Walker

M/W 840 Walker

M/W 847 Walker

M/W 813 Walker


M/W 857 Cross Trainer


We carry over 100 different models of running shoes!
(approx. 10000 pr.)

Numerous Close out shoes on sale for 20 to 50% off!

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