Summary of 2011 Cannonball Pump N Run Races

2011 Results & All Time Records here

Summary of the event;

Heavy fog and dew greeted the Pump and Runners on Saturday August 6th as they assembled to compete in the 12th Annual Rotary Pump and Run held at Monumental Park at 7 AM. Two Overall Records were set by the women and six age group records were broken in temperatures that ranged in the upper 70’s.

Precipitants in the Pump and Run competition are required to bench press their body weight or a percent of their body weight as many times as possible. Each successful repetition earns a 15 second deduction off their 5K or One Mile times thus demonstrating endurance and strength.

Setting the Overall Records were Patty Tisdell, Denver CO., 45-49, who pressed 60 pounds 40 times then ran a 21:26 5K for an adjusted time of 11:26 beating the mark set in 2009 by Allison Rhymer, Des Moines, of 14:01 and Erin Sawyer, 19-24, who ran a 19:36 5K, removing Genna Kinley’s, Waukee, record of 20:16 in 2008. Heidi Dorrell, Winterset, 30-33, finished second by lifting 70 pounds 18 times then running a 21:55 5K for and adjusted time of 17:25.

Setting records in the age groups were Steve Radakovich, Earlham, 65-69, who set the mark by lifting 130 pounds 35 times followed by a 29:40 5K for and adjusted time of 20:55. Ken Sunseri, Cedar Rapids, 45-49, beat Winterset’s Mike Reed’s, mark of 2:01 by pressing 205 pounds 26 times then running a mile in 6:25 for an adjusted time of -0:05. Jayson McDonald set the standard in the mile, 30-34, by finishing in 10:07. Roselaure Fuller, Pella, 14 and under, established the mile mark at 10:02 and Penny Radakovich, Earlham, 60-64, helped a two year old complete the mile in 28:12.

Rocky Hardy, West DM., 35-39, won the Men’s 5K Pump and Run by pressing 150 pounds 37 times then covering the 5K, (3.1 miles) in 18:31 for an adjusted time of 9:16, beating the second fastest adjusted time of David Hoover, 45-49, Littleton, CO., of 14:11. Hardy’s 18:31 was just one second off of Hunter Hilsabeck’s winning time for men in the 5K open of 18:30.

In the One Mile Pump and Run, Maury Clark, Norwalk, 40-44, won the Men’s division by pumping 165 pounds 27 times then finishing the mile in 5:25 for an adjusted time of -1:20. Right behind him from Fayetteville N.C., was Kameron Kiburz, 25-29, who lifted 160 pounds 30 times, running the mile in 6:12 for an adjusted time just 2 seconds off Clark’s time of -1:18.

Rocky Hardy, West DM, pressed a total of 5550 pounds with Ken Sunseri right behind with 5330 pounds. Patty Tisdell benched a total of 2400 pounds.

Proceeds from the Pump and Run help fund two scholarships to Winterset Seniors and the activity fund. These scholarship’s would not be possible without the generosity of the events sponsors, FARMER’S AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK, UNION STATE BANK, AMERICAN STATE BANK, MIDDLE RIVER HOSPICE, MADISON COUNTY HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS, MILLENNIUM THERAPY, THE SHOPPER, THE MADISONIAN, WINTERSET WEIGHT LIFTERS, AND WINTERSET FIRE DEPT.

2011 Results & All Time Records here