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The official distance of this years race was 5.27 miles.

We want to thank all of the volunteers and committee members for their dedication and love for this event. Obviously, it wouldn't happen without you all.

Runners, a few of you are upset because we didn't cancel. Others were upset because we shortened / modified the course. How do you cancel when over half of the field shows up? What do you do with 6000 T-shirts, 6000 servings of beef stew that has been being created since Monday, and how do you get over 30 medical personel and communication specialists to interupt their future plans so that you can reschedule the event. All of this time is donated.

Some of you are concerned that the course wasn't tough enough. What you don't see under 7 inches of snow added to the abnormally rough surfaces that you are running on just made the thought of injury more than we wanted to cope with. Cold weather is one thing. Blind, treacherous footing is another

We are sorry that we didn't know the distance at the time of the start. I was making course changes at the last minute after we realized how much snow was actually on the ground in various areas of the course.

Most of you had a great time. Thank you for all of the positive commednts. We love putting on this event but we appreciate your encouragement and support. For any of you who weren't able to pick up your packet / shirt / etc. or if you won an award and weren't able to stay, we will make them available at Fitness Sports for the next month. Please contact us if you are unable to get here at Fitness Sports (515-277-4785). Again, be patient! We are still thawing out and all have families we want to spend time with over the holidays.


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