Bouyancy Belts

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The patented AquaJogger buoyancy belt was the first on the market.
Its high-quality and body-wise design have made AquaJogger the leading water fitness equipment brand.

Key features include:

A contoured design which features a wider area of foam positioned against and
supporting the lower back, which then narrows as it wraps around the waist for a
comfortable fit below the ribs. This demands the use of the trunk muscles to
maintain a vertical position - resulting in the engaging and strengthening of the
abdominal and lower back muscles.

Resilient, closed-cell foam is soft, comfortable and flexible, and won't absorb
water - drying quickly.

A custom - woven elastic belt comfortbly moves with every breath and adjusts
to fit waist sizes ranging from 19 to 48 inches. It also features an
easy-to-operate, quick-release buckle.

The AquaJogger belt comfortably suspends the body in the water at
shoulder-level, allowing the security and freedom to perform a variety of
workouts in both deep and shallow water.

AquaJogger® Classic
An original best seller

The original Classic remains the most popular AquaJogger belt and
fits the buoyancy needs of 75 percent of the population. With
1-1/4-inch foam, the Classic is available in ocean blue, or purple.

AquaJogger® 100
A great value!

This model features the patented AquaJogger design and benefits
at a great value. The Basic delivers the fit, flotation and durability of
the Classic in a firmer EVA foam construction, and is available in
ocean blue for only $29.95..

AquaJogger® Pro
A favorite of rehabilitation professionals

The Pro is designed for individuals with low body-fat (fat helps the
body float), or large muscular frames and features a 1-1/2 inch foam
- offering 30 percent more buoyancy than the Classic. This extra lift
gives confidence and flotation support to individuals moving more
slowly in the water due to injury or illness. The Pro is available in
ocean blue.

AquaJogger® Jr.
Floatation security helps kids learn to swim

This kid-sized AquaJogger Jr.hugs a small body snugly for comfort and
freedom of movement and is designed for children ages 4 to 12. The
Jr. features a 32-inch adjustable elastic belt and foam to support up
to 95 pounds. This model is only $24.95 and is available in ocean
blue, yellow, pink and green.

All models include a 23-minute Getting Started video and
24-page illustrated workout guide, except the 100 and Jr. Pro,
which come with the workout guide only.

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