I want to thank you for going ahead and having the race today, I couldn't decide whether to run or not.   I am SOOO glad we did.  Thank You for readjusting the course.  I know it was shorter and not through water and you may receive some grief over that.  But I was bringing my 14 yr old son today and was concerned about the water and him getting sick during a sport season.  When we didn't go through any water it was a relief for this mom.   

BUT the biggest blessing was the BEAUTY that we ran through today.  The fresh snow made everything a winter wonderland and by dressing warm enough,  taking the right precautions, we were not cold at all, plus getting to be in the trees!  Thank You for that Sweet Blessing of getting to run with my son making another awesome memory in the Living History Farms Race.

I have ran for at least 7 years in LHF,


Thanks for a top-notch race today! It was a great event this year.

Hi Steve,

I have a couple of questions/comments about today's race.. First of all, I'm glad the race still happened. It was a nice, clear morning and didn't end up feeling that cold once we started going. So, that was great. I was surprised that the course was shortened. The email on Friday suggested it would be "modified" but no other details were given. It would have been nice to know ahead of time that there would only be one creek crossing and also the total distance. It might have made a difference for clothing as well as whether some people even participated or not.

If it was merely a safety thing, that's fine. If it would have been too treacherous to travel down ravines and cross additional creeks, I understand. But, it would have been nice to know that was the reason, rather than it just being cold and snowy. I've done this race several years, and it has definitely been colder in the past. But, you know when you sign up that the weather might be crappy.

I wasn't able to find the total distance anywhere on the results page. Do you know what that was and/or if that information is available somewhere.

Thanks for all of the email updates and for always making this a fun event!


Drove 4 hours which normally takes 21/2 hours. Bad roads as you know. Very disappointed on the course change. Completely removed the best part of the course in the woods & the creek crossings. This is what makes the race. I can run from home if this is what is going to happen when there is a little bad weather. Was there a law suite or why this year would you deviate from what you have done in the past?


Great race thanks for everything you all do to make it awesome !


After reading on your home page that some folks were not super happy about the race, I wanted to be sure and write to say what an awesome time my husband and I had! We drove in from Omaha at 12 noon on Friday, so we beat the weather, which was nice. We loved the snow!! It added to the adventure! We brought our long ankle gaiters and put them to good use running outside of the gaiter tracks. When we were dating, we did sports events like this all the time ó thatís why we liked each other. With 3 kids, jobs, etc., we donít get to enjoy this sort of thing very often anymore. Nov. 21st re-kindled the fun in our relationship, and for that I am so very grateful.

I cannot imagine being the race organizers, trying to make decisions like you had to make the night before ó no fun, but someone has to do it. Thanks for a great race, great event, great food, and a super fun atmosphere!! Weíll be back next year, hopefully bringing some friends with us.

Sincerely, Kristine and Kingdon (Omaha, NE)

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